As a trade book printer, Bethany Press fulfills our customers’ needs by providing excellent customer service, quality production, and competitive pricing.  To that end, we have created workflow systems and staffed our customer service and sales teams to meet the needs of experienced, professional publishers and ministries.

To deliver our best service, it is important that we have the proper materials and information to work with when producing books.  The most important factor is having files that have been created by a professional book designer using Adobe InDesign (or similar) and have been output to press-ready PDFs.  Also important is a knowledge of the book printing process, information on where and how your books need to be shipped, and enough lead time for us to produce them by your due date.  If you meet these criteria, there’s a good chance we’ll be a great fit for your needs.

However, while we would like to be a solution for everyone, we understand that we may not be the best fit for your particular needs.  If you are new to the world of book publishing and printing, we recommend that you contact an organization that specializes in working with authors and others to get their materials printed.  We have included some options below for your convenience.

True Potential Media

We’re not a ‘self-publishing’ company or a ‘traditional’ publishing company.  We’re a ‘new’ publishing company.  It’s time for Publishing 2.0.  Let us help you reach the world with your story.

Believers Book Services

Believers Book Services provides professional custom publishing solutions for today’s independent authors.

HigherLife Publishing & Marketing

Word Alive Press